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Sergio Di Zio

Paul Campbell is a middle-aged realtor who has never seen a deal he didn’t like. On top of that he’s cheap. Although he loves his wife and children, he’s deprived them of the good things in life. His deceitful nature leads him to make poor choices between right and wrong, even though sometimes these decisions trouble him. When his wife’s wealthy uncle dies, he spots a financial windfall in the making, until he learns all they’ve been left is a measly potted plant.  A surprising turn of events changes Paul and he becomes the father and husband he always could have been.

Sergio Di Zio was born in Toronto, Canada. Detective Patrick Finnegan; Rogue (2015-2017), Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti; Flashpoint (2008-2012) . Georgetown (2018), Miss Sloane (2017), The Walk (2015), Flash of Genius(2008) The Lookout (2007). Awards: 2011 Gemini for Best Performance by an Actor in A featured Supporting Role for Flashpoint. 2015 Dora Mavor Moore Award; Best Male Performance- Independent Theatre Division; Stephen Adly Guergis' "The Motherfucker With The Hat.", Toronto premiere.

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