"Sometimes life's darkest moments bring you to the brightest light"

Feature Film Winner Best Lead Actor - In
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CIFFlaurel_Audience Favourite - Alberta
Best Lead Actress - InternationalChristi


Root of the Problem, a film for the entire family about a couple whose lives at first seem ordinary, but below the surface their lives are in turmoil. Realtor Paul is stuck in the rut of an unfulfilling job and his wife Grace carries burdens that even Paul doesn’t know about. When Grace’s wealthy Uncle John dies, they think they will share his fortune and their problems will be solved. However, all he leaves them is a simple potted plant. For Paul, the plant becomes an unlikely and secret source of funds, which slowly transforms his life, allowing him some luxury purchases. His sudden wealth arouses suspicions and soon the police are on his trail. Paul discovers that easy access to cash isn’t always the answer. He and his wife start to distrust each other, until a stunning turn in their lives forces them to search within their hearts for the Root of the Problem.



This movie is one of the better faith-based films I have seen and the unique story and fine acting warrant it being watched—and enjoyed.


Winner of "Best Lead Actor" in a feature film at the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando Florida 2019


Nominated for "Best Lead Actress" in a feature film at The International Christian Film Festival in Orlando Florida 2019


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